Beyond            the Book

Case studies on the power of authoring a businesss book

Before the Book

Before Nilofer Merchant authored “The New How,” she was already a force to be reckoned with in the world of business innovation. With over two decades of experience in various industries, Merchant was known for her knack for turning nascent ideas into actionable business strategies. Her portfolio, which included driving strategic decisions at tech giants and startups, set the groundwork for her book on business transformation. 

The Book

In “The New How,” Nilofer Merchant isn’t merely sharing theories; she’s providing readers with a distilled essence of her vast experience in reshaping business strategies. This isn’t your typical business book filled with jargon and elusive concepts. Instead, Merchant introduces a fresh approach to collaboration and strategy-making, emphasizing the importance of cutting through corporate silos and promoting active participation from every level of an organization. She argues that true transformation comes when every voice is heard and collective insights are harnessed. At its core, “The New How” is about tearing down traditional barriers in businesses and building strategies together, tapping into the collective intelligence. 

Beyond the Book

Merchant’s reach extends far beyond the written word. Through consulting work with major corporations and thought-provoking public speaking engagements, she has become a must book keynote speaker in the worlds of innovation and business transformation.

Consulting Powerhouse

One of the most compelling facets of Merchant’s post-book journey is her role as a consultant for industry giants. Much like her book, her consulting work serves as a manual for innovation but adapted to the unique needs and challenges of each corporation she engages with. Merchant not only offers theoretical insights but also provides customized actionable strategies, making her a sought after asset for businesses looking to innovate effectively.

The Speaking Circuit

Nilofer Merchant has also become a prominent figure on the speaking circuit, where she delves into the tenets of business innovation and transformation covered in “The New How.” The platform gives her a direct line to a wider audience, enabling her to share her wisdom and experience on a massive scale. Each speaking engagement serves as a proof of concept for her book and consulting work, establishing her as an undisputed authority in her field.

Book as a Thought Leadership Tool

For Merchant, “The New How” isn’t just about book sales or royalties. It serves as a critical foundation for a wide array of revenue streams—from high-value consulting contracts to paid speaking engagements. Each component of her diversified portfolio feeds into the other, creating a self-sustaining ecosystem of authority and influence that goes well beyond the book itself.

The Return on Investment

Today Nilofer Merchant offers keynote speeches in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Her speech topics include business, culture, leadership, innovation, talent, and the future of work.  She demands $30k – $50K for live events and $20K for virtual keynotes. New business authors may get $5K to $10K when starting their speaking engagements, however you can quickly up your fees as demand grows. Pair that with consulting fees, and courses and your return on investment on authoring a book will quickly become the best business investment you’ve ever made. 

The Beyond the Book Series

The Beyond the Book series is testament to the life changing impact a book can have for an author. Each story underscores how authoring a book isn’t just a personal achievement, it’s a launching pad to a new world brimming with opportunities. Remember, every renowned author began with a single idea. If you’ve ever felt the pull to write, know that your voice has a place in this world. Channel your expertise, passion, and insights, and you too can journey beyond ideas and experience and get your book out of your head and onto the shelf. 

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