Brand Messaging

If web copy is your online salesperson (and it is) you better make sure it works like a seasoned pro

You’re in the right place if…

You’re launching a new brand or website and want to give yourself the best chance of establishing an authentic brand voice that converts visitors into loyal customers and clients.

You’re moving forward with a website redesign and realize if you’re investing all that $$$ in a new and modern design you might as well do the whole thing right and ditch those dusty words that were slapped together by your aunt 15 years ago because she’s really good at grammar.

You have website messaging that’s okay but not quite perfect and want to get some professional eyeballs on it to show you how to polish it and make it shine.

“When I started designing my website I knew to stand out I needed to go beyond great design. To connect with my future clients I had to grab them with the words on the page. James helped me dig deep and uncover the unique value in my offer and put it into brand messaging that was clear and compelling. He always asked the right questions at the right time to get us closer to the gold. After we found the core messaging pieces James went to work polishing and refining. To stand out you have to lead with value, personality, and authenticity. James knows how to find these elements and put them together so you can speak to your audience and get heard.”

Rob Levley Executive Coach, ADAPT Consulting

I’ve Helped Dozens of Companies Find the Gold in their Brand Messaging

James is a dream to work with! From the start, James did his research to make sure he understood our strengths and wrote in the perfect tone for our website redesign. His turnaround time was fast and we can’t wait to work with him again. 10/10!

Shanna Cronin | Tanks Direct Digital Marketing Cordinator

New Website Copy

All Web Copy Journeys Follow the Story Gold Framework

Research & Discovery

This is where we find the gold. It’s the most important phase that most non-copywriters understandably aren’t aware of. Because copywriting is way more science than art, research is foundational to creating copy that converts. Research and discovery encompass half, if not more, of my total time spent on a project. Did I mention this is where we find the gold?

Discovery Interviews

Depending on the scope of the project I will lead at least one and possibly more interviews with key stakeholders.

Messaging Gold Mining

I meticulously review all of your available customer surveys, testimonials, and reviews. If you’re a new company I look at what your competitors’ customers have said (good & bad).

Customer Interviews

If it makes sense I lead up to 3 customer interviews.

Competitive Analysis

I explore all of your competitors’ websites prospecting for golden ideas and digging up market weaknesses.

Structure & Write

This is where I refine the gold. At the end of phase one, I’ll have everything I need to start writing your website copy. If you already have a designer I can work with them to ensure we’re in alignment with how the copy looks on the page. If you don’t have a designer, no worries, I write with design in mind and lay everything out in a Google doc wireframe that frees your future designer to focus on what they do best – design.

Google Drive Project Folder

I create a project folder using Google Drive to make delivery and revisions painless.

Designer-Friendly Layout

Every page is written in a Google doc wireframe so your designer can see where the copy should go and how it all works together. Yes, your messaging sequence matters.

SEO Optimization

Every page is written with the latest SEO best practices in mind – while still maintaining readability. You’re welcome Mr. Flesch.

A Branded Marketing Playbook Including

  • Tagline
  • Golden One liner
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Brand Sales Letter

Copy Presentation & Live Review

Once your copy is refined and polished I record a video presentation that walks you through each page explaining the choices I made and show you how to provide feedback. After you’ve completed your review we’ll implement your edits and changes together on a live video call. Live edits are the most efficient way to get through the revision process, and by the end of the session, you will have web copy that’s ready for design.

Video Presentation

Copy is presented to you with the reasoning and strategy behind the choices. Knowing why words are chosen and why they’re in specific places makes your review process a lot easier.

How to Give Feedback

I show you in the document exactly how to make suggestions and comments.

Live Editing Session

After you’ve made your initial review we go live and put the finishing touches on your copy. This is the most efficient and productive way to finish off website copy and get it into your designer’s hands (or inbox).

“This sounds like exactly what I need! How much is it?”

The Mother Lode

10 pages


Persuasive, data-Driven copy for 10 website pages:

  • Home
  • About 
  • 5-8 team bios 
  • 8 additional pages


The Gold Standard

5 pages


Persuasive, data-Driven copy for 5 website pages:

  • Home
  • About 
  • 4-6 team bios 
  • 3 additional pages


Gold Lite

3 pages


Persuasive, data-Driven copy for 3 website pages:

  • Home
  • About 
  • 4-6 team bios 
  • 1 additional page


For months we were trying to write our own website copy thinking it was good enough, until we finally admitted we needed professional help. James showed us the best way to express our personality through brand messaging. The Story Gold Framework made so much sense, and it was a relief to know we made the right choices with our copy before launching the new website. I cannot emphasize enough what a smart investment this was for our business. No company should launch a website without professional messaging, and the ROI for James’ copywriting services was a no brainer.”

Carlson Cheng | Co-Founder, The Clinic RE

Website Copy Polish

Aint nobody got time for that.

– Kimberly “Sweet Brown” Wilkens

If you’re thinking this all sounds great, but I don’t have time, I hear you and have a solution. A website copy polish is a quick way to get clarity and actionable advice.
I’ll deliver quick feedback on how to optimize everything from copywriting, design, and UX.

When you Need Great Copy Today

How it Works, What You Get, & Total Cost

  1. You fill out a booking questionnaire so I can make sure I understand your messaging concerns, challenges, and website goals. 
  2. I conduct an in-depth video review of up to 5 pages. I make comments on copy, design, site architecture, and user experience.
  3. You get the full video review plus a transcription so you can easily implement recommendations.
  4. A comprehensive Google doc with marked-up copy & comments for 2 core pages where I give clear directions on how to improve the copy: includes suggestions for headlines, subhead copy, body copy, and message sequencing.
  5. After you watch the video and review the document you’ll schedule a 30-minute video call to discuss. I answer all of your questions and you go on to turn your website into the Joe Girard of websites.

I’m Laser Focused When I Polish Copy

Your total one-time (tax-deductible 😉)
investment for everything listed is $975

As a StoryBrand Certified Guide my digital agency puts equal value on brand messaging and design. I needed a dependable writer who understood the StoryBrand framework and had a solid understanding of copywriting principles. James delivers agency-quality copy for us every time. He works with our clients like a pro, always meets deadlines, and has a great attitude.”

Curt Stockwell | Founder & Owner, Well Dressed Walrus

How about some FREE Story Gold writing tips you can use today?

Sometimes the gold is right in front of you and you just need a little direction on where to look. I’m not going to hoard all this booty – I’m no Scrooge McDuck. There’s enough for everyone. So I’m sharing 5 ways you can start finding the gold in your story right now.