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 Attain peak authority status

 Do more of your best work

 Leave your legacy

I help busy CEOs, Entrepreneurs, and Speakers write and publish books.

"I just want it to be good."

These are the words I hear every time I start a new project with an author. Nobody wants to write a “bad” book. For authors that don’t make a living writing, which is the majority, understanding what makes a book “bad” is difficult to define. They know it when they read it, but breaking it down into components is difficult. 

Bad books have weak writing style–grammatical errors, convoluted sentence structures, excessive jargon, and inconsistent tone. Most people get this, it’s level one. But beyond the obvious there are other elements that make a book “bad.” 

Lack of clear purpose, poor structure and organization, lack of originality, factual errors, failure to engage the reader, over-promising or not promising anything, and little emotional impact. 

These “bad” things happen for readers on a subconscious level, and are difficult to see, unlike weak writing style. 

What does this mean for you, dear author? 

When you write the wrong book bad things happen. Instead of establishing yourself as an authority, increasing business opportunities, differentiating yourself from competitors and all the other life changing benefits of writing the right book, the opposite happens. 

Damage to your credibility. Missed opportunities. Financial loss. Stress. 

Embarrassment.  😐

So, how do you avoid writing the wrong book? 

You make sure your book has all the elements that good books have in place, BEFORE you write a single word. 

That’s right, you go in with a plan. A strategy. 

You don’t write by the seat of your pants and hope things will just work out. 

You identify the key elements that make must read books, must read books: 

  1. The right reader  
  2. The right core message
  3. The right promise  
  4. The right title & subtitle 
  5. The right structure 

When you get those down you have all the right ingredients to… 

Write the Right Book

What Happens When You Write the Right Business Book?

Amazing things happen when you write & publish the right business book.

I can’t list them all here, so I’ll give you the top 10.


Attain Peak Authority Status

Your book becomes your secret weapon to gain respect among peers, clients, and competitors. When you’re the guy or gal who wrote THE book on your area of expertise, people pay attention.

Expand Business Opportunities

A book opens doors to new opportunities such as speaking engagements, consulting roles, and high quality networking prospects. These new opportunities stem from increased visibility and perceived expertise and authority that authorship brings.

Attract High Quality Leads

When you show your best stuff in your book you attract the best prospects. When they see that not only you know your topic, but you talk about it better than anyone else, nine out of ten times they’re going to hire you to do it for them.

Create a Long-Term Marketing Tool

Your book is a long-term marketing asset that continuously promotes your brand and offer with minimal effort. Unlike short term ads that cease to exist once your budget runs out, your book maintains a permanent presence in the market promoting your brand on autopilot.

Differentiate From the Competition

When prospects must choose between you and your competition, going with the guy or gal who wrote the book on the topic feels like a safer choice.

Personal Fulfillment

Writing a book is viewed as on of the most significant personal and professional accomplishments in any field of work. The sense of satisfaction results from the act itself. Writing a book is transformative.

Educate Your Audience

Your book allows you to explore your expertise in depth, provide context, and build upon foundational concepts. Because good books demand a structured approach, you’ll be able to give your readers a comprehensive learning experience so they can better understand your topic and offer.

Generate Passive Income

While passive income isn’t always the primary motivation for authoring a business book, it can provide an additional income stream if it gains traction in your industry. A well-received book can continue to sell copies for years, or even decades after its release.

Enhance Public Speaking Opportunities

Authors are sought after for keynotes, workshops, and panels. If you want to do keynote speaking you need a book to be taken seriously. Your book allows event organizers to promote their events more effectively, which draws larger audiences, and higher speaking fees for you.

Leave Your Legacy

Authoring a book as long been a peak accompaniment for individuals who want to leave a lasting impact on their industry and personal lives. Authoring a book cements your intellectual contributions and allows for your insights to penetrate and influence future generations.

Finding the Gold Always Pays

Writing is a form of alchemy. You start with a common substance of little value (a sheet of paper, an empty word document) and after digging, discovering,  shaping, and refining you create something worth its weight in gold. You transcend the ordinary and carve out a piece of immortality with your name on it.

What I Can Do For You


When you know you want to write, have the information stuffed in your head, computer, and/or notebooks, BUT don’t know how to actually write a book. A ghostwriter can get you across the finish line and help you produce a marketable literary property (a published book). I help you write, market, and publish your book. Did I mention I’m one of less than 100 certified ghostwriters in the world?

Your Journey to Author Immortality

  • Ghostwrite Full Nonfiction Manuscripts
  • Book Coaching
  • Write the Write Book One on One
  • Book and Author Marketing
  • Ghost Publishing

“I knew I wanted a website to establish an online presence, raise awareness, and educate the public and my fellow physicians. The problem was I didn’t have clarity on direction and brand identity. I have written and published dozens of articles, treated thousands of patients, and can speak for hours on end about my experiences – but getting the words organized and into website-friendly formatting was something I needed help with. James helped me find the gold in my brand messaging and through the process, I discovered the purpose of my website and personal brand.

Dr. Annas Ajassem
MD, MHSA, Assistant Professor of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at Oakland University Wiliam Beaumont School of Medicine

Brand Messaging

Some call it website copy, copywriting, or content – I call it words that sell. Brand messaging is your online salesperson. These magic words determine whether visitors click your call-to-action buttons and give you a fighting chance at serving your customers. Get them right and you’re one step closer to hitting the mother lode.

Your Brand Messaging Holy Grail

  • Content Strategy
  • Data Driven Website Copy
  • Core Brand Messaging
  • SEO Optimized Messaging
  • Design Ready Website Copy
  • Golden One liner / Elevator Pitch / Brand Sales Letter

Our website copy communicated that we were efficient, high-quality, and a great experience — but we were missing the most important element. Why would people feel emotionally compelled to want to choose us? James went to work mining for messaging gold by sifting through hundreds of customer reviews. His Discovery interview forced me to dig deep and look at my business from our clients’ perspective and focus on their fears, desires, and what they needed from us on a deeper level. The process of working with James and his Story Gold framework took us to unexpected places that would have been difficult to discover without his guidance. If you need to find some gold to make your brand stand out put James to work – he’ll find what you need.”

Jackie Zoeller
Founder & Owner at Denver Headshot Co.®

Hi, I’m James.

Thanks for dropping by and reading my sentences. I’m a writer, and readers are like currency for us. What you’re doing right now means a lot to me. Maybe I can be your writer if we like each other (I’m sure we will).

Technically, I’m a ghostwriter. That means I work behind the scenes, under the cloak of darkness, in the shadows of my well-lit mudroom converted to home office writing sentences for my clients.

Even more, I’m a one-man ghost. When you work with me you get me and only me. No ghost sub-contractors here! They call that personalization in the marketing biz. Think of it like a white glove service for word customization.

But really… Why work with me aside from my experience, credentials, and glowing reviews? 😉

Here’s the thing…

When we work together it’ll feel like you’re working with a trusted friend. A friend who truly hears you, empathizes, encourages, has your back, and is ready to go to battle for you. 🥷

I’m here to make whatever you’re after work

This is the way

“Okay, James this is starting to make sense, but what qualifies you as a Story Gold expert?”

“Good question. You’re no Johnny Newcome. I’m happy you asked.”

I Wasn’t Born with a Nose for Story Gold… But I was Trained by the Best

I’ve invested thousands of $$$ & years in professional ongoing training because ghostwriting and copywriting are HARD skills and I want to make sure you get the biggest return on your investment possible.

James did an amazing job capturing my voice while writing a new website for my practice. I needed help clarifying my message in a way that spoke to my patients’ problems and highlighted not only what my methodology is, but why it works. He asked all the right questions. James is professional, and at the same time easy to talk to, so it made the process of getting the right words for my website painless. It felt like I was talking with a friend. Work with James, you’ll be happy you did.

Robin Reynolds, Founder & Owner, Robin Reynolds RD

Write the Right Book

The 5 foundations to writing a must read business book 


Discover the 5 things all great authors do before they write a single word. Get these right and you can write with purpose and confidence. So go ahead and download this little treasure and give yourself the best chance to write a must read book.