Ghost Publishing

Industry standard book publishing without the standard headaches and costs

Publishing a book cements your place as an Authority

A manuscript is not a book. It’s more like a cocoon. Your beautiful book is waiting to break free and transform into a living tangible object. The final leg of your journey to authorship is publication. 

For many first time authors this is where things get confusing. Should I self publish? Hybrid publish? Traditionally published? 

Here’s the reality that many first time authors aren’t aware of

99% of my business authors will want to self-publish, and I can do that for you. I’m not going to leave you holding a word document, wave goodbye, and wish you luck. 

We’ve come this far. If you’re happy, I’d be happy to take you across the finish line

Traditional vs. Self vs. Ghost Publishing

Traditional Publishing

Self Publishing

Marketing done for you.
Book Cover Design DFY.
Book Formatting DFY.
Printing & Distribution DFY.
Takes 2 years or more.
You lose editorial control.
Promotion is weak.
Low profits on book sales.
Publish in weeks.
Retain full control.
Promote on your terms.
High profits on sold books.
Massive time investment.
DIY book cover design.
DIY book formatting.
DIY print & distribution.

Why Ghost Publish?

Ghost publishing combines the pros of both traditional and self publishing without any of the cons. 

Just like the ghostwriting process, your ghost publisher does all the time consuming heavy lifting. You provide your ideas and I bring them to life. Gold Press Publishing handles all of the behind the scenes work and the result is a bookstore-quality hardcover, paperpack, digital, and audio book with your name on the cover. 

When you have industry-standard quality editions of your book available on-demand you show the world your book, your business, and your ideas are to be taken seriously. 

Ghost Published book quality is indistinguishable from any traditional book publisher.

And in case you were wondering–ghost publishing allows for print on demand so there’s no need to clear garage space or rent out storage units to hold pallets of books like the old days.

Ghost Publishing

Marketing done for you.
Book Cover Design DFY.
Book Formatting DFY.
Printing & Distribution DFY.
More Pros
Promote the way you want.
Publish in weeks.
Retain full control.
Maximum profit on sold books.

What do you get with Ghost Publishing?

Book Cover Design

Combining your input with the expectations of the business book genre, our cover designer creates a beautiful, eye grabbing design for your paperback and eBook. 

Interior Layout Design

Your book will be formatted to complement and enhance your book’s overall aesthetic. 

Distribution Setup

We’ll set your book up for distribution with Amazon, IngramSpark, and any other distribution avenue you wish to pursue.


We’ll register your book under your name with the Library of Congress. 

Metadata Creation & Entry

This includes BISAC codes, Amazon categories, and other data that helps readers and retailers find your book. 

Professional Imprint

Your book will be published under our professionally registered imprint, Gold Press Publishing. If you’d like to create your own imprint we can help you navigate that process.

Author Bio

We’ll work with you to draft your author bio and ensure it meets editorial standards. 

Write the Right Book

The 5 foundations to writing a must read business book 


Discover the 5 things all great authors do before they write a single word. Get these right and you can write with purpose and confidence. So go ahead and download this little treasure and give yourself the best chance to write a must read book.