Beyond            the Book

Case studies on the personal & Professional Return on investment of authoring a business book

Before the Book

Before Jonah Berger became a household name in the world of marketing and social influence, he was a dedicated academic with a keen interest in understanding what makes ideas spread. As a professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Berger specialized in marketing, but he was yet to break into the mainstream discourse outside academic circles.

The Book

“Contagious: Why Things Catch On” is a compelling exploration into the science of popularity. Published in 2013, the book dives deep into the psychology behind why people talk about certain products and ideas more than others, and why some stories and rumors are more infectious. Berger presents a set of specific, actionable techniques to help make ideas stick and spread. His insights are backed by rigorous research, making the book a blend of scholarly depth and practical applicability.

Beyond the Book

Post-publication, “Contagious” didn’t just capture the attention of marketing professionals; it resonated with a broad audience, turning Berger into a sought-after speaker and thought leader. He leveraged the book to establish his brand beyond academia, leading to invitations for keynote speeches, workshops, and consultations with major corporations. His insights helped businesses and individuals understand the power of word-of-mouth in the digital age. Additionally, the success of “Contagious” led to further opportunities in authoring, including his subsequent books like “Invisible Influence”.

The Return on Investment

For Jonah Berger, “Contagious” was more than a bestselling book; it was a career catalyst. The personal ROI included establishing himself as an authority in the field of marketing and social influence, expanding his professional network, and enhancing his credibility both in academic and business circles. Financially, the book’s success translated into lucrative speaking engagements, consulting opportunities, and increased demand for his expertise. “Contagious” set Berger on a trajectory that far exceeded the traditional confines of an academic career, illustrating the transformative potential of a well-received book.

Keynote Speaking Engagements: Berger has keynoted hundreds of major conferences and events, such as SXSW and Cannes Lions. These events are often organized by Fortune 500 organizations, showcasing his reach and influence in the corporate world​.

Consulting Services: Berger offers consulting services and has worked with hundreds of organizations. This includes advising early-stage companies and consulting for prominent organizations like Apple, Google, Nike, Amazon, GE, Moderna, and The Gates Foundation​.

Speaking and Consulting Topics: He offers talks and courses on various subjects, such as “Magic Words: What to Say to Get Your Way,” focusing on the science of language and persuasion, “How to Change Anyone’s Mind,” discussing strategies for effective change management, “How to Make Things Catch On,” delving into the science of word-of-mouth and social transmission, and “Returning to Growth in the New World,” addressing changes in consumer behavior and business strategies.

The Beyond the Book Series

The Beyond the Book series is testament to the life changing impact a book can have for an author. Each story underscores how authoring a book isn’t just a personal achievement, it’s a launching pad to a new world brimming with opportunities. Remember, every renowned author began with a single idea. If you’ve ever felt the pull to write, know that your voice has a place in this world. Channel your expertise, passion, and insights, and you too can journey beyond ideas and experience and get your book out of your head and onto the shelf. 

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